THE MALTINGS SPA - Hertfordshire leading naturist spa

Membership Options

Please note: You do not have to be a member to enjoy all the pleasures the spa has to offer.

These memberships options are ONLY applicable to the people who want join to use our facilities and NOT for customers who just want to have a massage.

FREE if they bring their own towels or towels can be supplied at a £1 per towel


Full Membership
£50 per month on a 12 month contract or £500 for a full year which allows you to visit at any time for as long as you require throughout the year.

Daily Membership
£100 per year plus £12 per visit

Rare Daily Membership
£50.00 per year plus £12.00 per visit which allows you up to eight visits per year

Senior Citizens (Over 65)
£30.00 per year plus £10.00 per visit

Non Members
£25 for the first 3 hours then £5.00 per hour thereafter per visit. Non- members receiving a massage can use the hot tub for 15 minutes for free. But if they wish to use the sauna and steam room then they will need to pay £15

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